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RKMSco Limited….

…...a new way to do business          

…….a better way to do business

In the rush of today's world, would it not be good to have a reliable sourcing company who can acquire the goods you need, to your exacting specifications, in the time you need them?

In today's world, would it not be good to have a sourcing company which works with you as a partner and not just as a another customer?

Today, you have it. RKMSco Limited,

.....a new way to do business.

.....a better way to do business.


So, whether it is quartz or marble slabs, bathroom furniture and equipment, decking for marina pontoons or garden centres from around the world into Europe.

Or fine European wine, food and luxury goods for export to the rest of the world.

We have professional contacts and a network which stretches the whole globe.

So if we can't get it, we know someone who can!

 ....so whatever you want, we can almost certainly get it for you, (as long as it’s legal and decent!)!