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RKMSco Limited….

…...a new way to do business          

…….a better way to do business

We are what we do.......

......we do what you need.

We are an independent sourcing company with UK offices in London and Eastbourne, offices in Hong-Kong and locations across the P.R. China.

What ever your needs, we have professional contacts across the globe who can source your materials. This is a business to business enterprise mainly sourcing bulk goods for the building, construction, DIY and plumbing trades.

Having said that, we can, through our wide network, source just about anything from electrical goods, televisions, white goods and furniture through to specially manufactured for you goods such as rubber printer rollers and other engineered products.

We are a UK company, registered in England, company number 07255483. We are international with customers across Europe and the USA. We are easy to do business with. We sort out all the paperwork, all the import tariffs, all the shipping, all the headaches are ours......

......leaving you to do the more important things in life.